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Lizzy Bathory is so. fucking. hot.

hahahahahaha, anyways, good to see that there's a new member, my buddy emilio.

i had a convo with my friend judson, or as some call him nusdoj(i think that's how you spell it) and we have concluded that ole Lizzy was only one virgin away from immortality. it's so sad to think that all she needed was one more pure blooded virgin, and she'd be among us unworthy mortals....:p

oh, and a new rule:

new rule, posts must have subject line proclaiming the hotness and bangablility of know, just to keep the theme goin, feel free to be as depraved as you want

anyways, on to other stuff. SUMMER TOURS/FESTIVALS!!!!!!! ok, here's the ones i know about

Ozzfest: Maiden, BLS, Sabbath...the rest can eat shit out of my ass really...actually i didnt really look at the other bands, but i really dont feel like it either...

Sounds of The Underground: Opeth, SYL, need i say more? there's a whole line up of ass busting bands, and rumor is that Lamb Of God is the special unannounced band *cums in pants* oh, and tickets are supposedly around $30 :D

Mustaine's tour: not too much info, but rumor is Megadeth, Nevermore, Dream Theater, and Fear Factory. i dont really care for Fear Factory that much(havent heard much of their stuff), but Megadeth, Nevermore, and Dream Theater? fuckin a man...fuckin a

Progfest: it's here in GA!!!!! only bands i can think of off the top of my head is Therion and Stratovarius...and for some reason i wanna say Symphony X...anyways, it looks real cool, but tickets i think are real limited and go for about $100 each, so that means i aint goin. if any of yall go(right now there's only like 2 others) yall better tell the rest of us how it was so we can kick the shit out of yall out of jealousy

well, that's bout it for me, have a good one and keep the metal faith alive! \m/
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